Worship This Week

For the Good of Others 

Sunday, February 25


Hello Friends,

Are you feeling ambitious today?

I’ve had lots of ambitions in my life.  I’m not proud of all them and I’ve certainly not achieved all of them, which is just as well.  I want to believe they weren’t all self-centered.  I want to believe at least some of my ambitions over the years have been for the good of others…

An ambition is an aim.  It is something we strive to accomplish.  It’s what we set out to achieve in a day, in a season, in a lifetime.  If we are ambitious then we are motivated, energized, driven toward a goal.

Sometimes the goal is specific and certain.  Sometimes it’s more of a direction and a path…..

The ambition of Christ was all these things when he began to forecast his death on the cross.

Jesus reveals an aim, a drive; a determination in a direction and with a specific outcome nobody understood at the time, in part, because he is the only person to ever walk the earth flawlessly and selflessly.

He comes entirely for us.  He lives in the flesh completely for us.  He suffers and dies for us.  He conquers sin and death for us.  He rises and lives again for all who believe in Him.

Jesus understood self-interest permeates the human condition when he said to his disciples and to everyone listening in the crowd, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”  (Mark 8:34)

Sunday’s message “For the Good of Others” is based on the 8th chapter of the Gospel of Mark.

Pray for the ambition to worship Him and I’ll see you Sunday.

Pastor Dennis

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